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May 24, 2009

Animal testing by Pia Zimmer, 4C

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My opinion about animal testing

In my opinion animal testing is cruel and brutal. Nevertheless, in some cases animal testing can help to save human lives. For example penicillin, organ transplants and many vaccines were tested on animals before they were used on humans. But even if a medicine works out all right for animals this does not prove that it is also okay for humans. Animals and humans are similar but not the same. So maybe it would even be safer if medicine was tested on artificial skin or with computer simulations. Why must innocent animals die? They do not want to use cosmetics so it is unfair that they have to die. It is a big difference if medicines, which can save lives, or cosmetics are tested on animals. For medicine I can understand why scientists use animals. They want their product to be very safe and really saves lives. Scientists sometimes have to test their medicine on animals because they want to produce safe medicine. Therefore they need to do animal testing. Of course they could also use other possibilities but this would take much more time, and this would not be good for the people who wait for a new medicine. They even could die before the medicine is developed. But I also think that it is absolutely unnecessary to test cosmetics on animals. There are other ways to do it where nobody or nothing has to die. For example cells, artificial skin or computer simulations. This of course is more expensive. So the products would be more expensive too. But I think a life is more valuable than some money. I think it is good that testing on animals is not allowed in the EU for cosmetics. But many large companies do their testing in other countries where it is not banned. Another thing is that companies often just test some chemicals on animals, and this is not forbidden. So I think there should be stricter rules and checkups.


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